BBC News - - Earthquake leaves at least six dead in central Italy - Syria Jarablus: Turkey pounds IS positions ahead of ground operation - Massive data leak hits French submarine company - EU Neighbourhood Info Centre - From the Mediterranean to the Pacific: EU Mediterranean Eco-tourism project to be presented at world’s largest event on global environmental issues - Moroccan youth sketch their vision of society at Net-Med Youth workshop - Combo Weekly Round Up: All the jobs and opportunities from the Southern Neighbourhood - AFP News - Five dead as powerful quake shakes Italy - One dead, dozens wounded in Thai car bombing - North Korea test-fires sub-launched missile close to Japan - Euro News - Brexit to dominate diplomacy this week - European Brexit tour begins for Angela Merkel - Germany and France fear smart phone applications like Telegram are facilitating correspondence among terrorists
We are a journalism training project funded by the European Union and run by a BBC Media Action led consortium. We cover 17 countries in the European Neighbourhood.
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Some examples of the work produced by Media Neighbourhood students.